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Fireplace Options in NYC & Long Island NY

Wood Stoves

Why a Wood Stove?
The answer is simple-comforting, economical, and environmentally-friendly.

"Whether it's the warm glow of the fire, the crackle of the wood or the deep penetrating warmth, wood stoves have a way of making people feel relaxed and right at home, yet, in addition to ambiance, wood stoves today produce a low-cost heat that helps protect winter air quality and reduces the threat of global warming."

Here at United Chimney, we will help you choose and install the wood burning stove that is right for you. With the prices of gas and oil rising, this is an economical, environmentally sensitive alternative to today's energy needs.

Gas Stoves

Radiant Heat
A gas stove becomes a cheery focal point in any room. Our gas stoves are serious heaters! All stoves are listed as heater rated furnaces with efficiencies exceeding 80%.

Gas stoves provide radiant heat in the immediate area and the added benefit of a built-in convection chamber, which circulates room air around the appliance and returns it to your room as heat.

Our gas stoves do not require any type of hearth pad in many situations, including wood flooring. They are also approved for close clearances to the back wall. This saves valuable floor space and eliminates the requirement of an expensive non-combustible wall protection.

Wood Fireplaces

Warmth and Elegance
Imagine coming home from a long day to the warmth and elegance of a beautiful fireplace, or firing up a beautiful fireplace on a chilly night for a romantic dinner on the hearth. No matter what the scenario, United Chimney can help you choose the perfect wood fireplace for your home.

We can install a large selection of fireplaces and hearth products to make the most of your space and decor.

Gas Fireplaces

Coziness of a Wood Fire
A gas fireplace can transform any room in your home into a gathering place or simply a warm private retreat.

The variety of fireplace sizes and flexible venting configurations will allow you to install a new gas fireplace where you've never imagined having a fireplace before.

If you love the look and coziness of a wood fire, but do not have the time or desire to handle wood, then consider one of our beautiful gas burning fireplaces!

Let United Chimney help you choose the fireplace that is right for you.

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