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  • Chimney sweeping & cleaning
  • Chimney inspection
  • Troubleshooting & diagnostics
  • Video scanning
  • Repairs & restoration
  • Fireplace installation
  • Waterproofing & leak resolution
  • Stainless steel relining
  • Custom caps
  • Solving draft problems
  • Gas violations resolved
  • Masonry repairs
  • Animal removal

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“United Chimney Team

I wanted to reach out and express my thanks for the work done on our fireplace in Morristown, NJ. I wanted to give it a few weeks to see how things held up and we have been more than pleased at the result of your work. The bell fire system installed is fantastic. It warms the entire living room and if we kept the dining room doors open that would also receive heat form the fireplace. Jim is a true professional and the office staff was great. I also appreciate the flexible payment terms with the holidays upon us.”

— Clarence C., Morristown, NJ

“I wanted to commend Shawn and his helpers, Mark and Paul on a professional job. They are on top of their game. Shawn especially is attentive to his work. One can see that he takes pride in what he does. At the end of the day he makes sure all loose ends are tied. He is not finished with the job unless all are satisfied. For instance, when he came back to install the custom chimney cap, he noticed the tree leaves brushed away some of the caulking he applied last time, so he touched it up again. I would recommend these guys (United Chimney) for a superb job.”

— Dominick L., Setauket, NY

“I would like to thank you and your staff for a very professional and competent service that was rendered at my home in West Islip on July 20th and 21st, 2012. Shawn and his assistant were friendly, on time and visually showed me problems with my furnace that needed rectifying. He explained the procedure and carried it out in a timely and efficient manner. During a prior inspection another mechanic suggested that we needed a $2,500 repair. This proved not to be the case. Thank you Shawn. I would recommend your company without hesitation.”

— Barbara M., West Islip, NY

“I had received a “solicitation” call in early May regarding your service from a nice woman named Marylou. I typically do not give phone solicitors a second of my time, but she was very nice and not a “pushy salesperson” type. As a homeowner, and knowing that it had been a few years since we’ve had our chimney serviced, I decided to give her a chance to run her pitch. She sounded very knowledgeable and sincere and seemed to appreciate that I was giving her a few minutes of my valuable time. She made sense, and was so pleasant that I booked a date later in May (Which I subsequently had to reschedule until June 5th)

On June 5th, the two men arrived (I think one was named Brian, but I did not get the other man’s name) right when they called and said they would. Brian asked if we were aware that our chimney was “bent” (we did know- this happened when we put the double dormer on our house and it was the only way the construction company could continue the height of the chimney for some reason). He explained the buildup we were getting as a result (and the potential deterioration). Typically we would have been skeptical, but between our oil service men and our own observations, we knew there was something going on in there.

The team was quick, clean and polite and we are very pleased with their service as well.

I did call there Monday, June 14th and spoke to Jim to convey our compliments. I did find your name on your website and thought I would write as well – people tend to only communicate when something goes wrong.

I would happily recommend your service to others and hope that all your employees are as courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant as Marylou, Brian and his partner were to us.”

— Diane D.

“The damper on my chimney needed to be adjusted, spent $50.00 today and plan on spending $350.00 as soon as I get ahead. David and his helper were very professional. I received a phone call from their office about 30 min prior to their arrival. I was impressed. This is the most honest chimney company I have come across who did not try to rake me over the coals like other chimney companies. Give them a call and ask for David D. He’s a good guy.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about a very positive experience that we recently had with your company – from beginning to end.”

— Michael C., Sayville, NY

“What a great experience.  Communication was great from the day I called for the cleaning to the day they came to clean.  They called me before they came as requested.  They came in a marked truck with two guys who were very friendly.  I told them I had light carpet in my bedroom and they were prepared with a blanket and left no mess.  Since this was my first time getting my chimney I was asking a lot of questions while they worked which they answered and they explained a lot to me about what I need to do and such.  On time, honest and will us them again.  Thanks guys!”

— Jeremy E., Baldwin, NY

“On May 13, two employees of your company arrived for a routine chimney cleaning. Upon examination of the chimney, I was informed that a new lining was needed. This was unexpected news, to be sure, but the gentlemen showed me ample proof and gave a complete and understandable explanation of the problem and what needed to be done. I agreed and they began the work immediately.

I observed the progress of the work throughout the afternoon and was most impressed by the skill, patience and excellent team work of James and Matt. The chimney is large and old (almost 100 years), and quite high, but in spite of that, they worked together skillfully and efficiently and were happy to explain each phase of the job as it progressed.

Upon completion of the work, James inspected the chimney flashing and Matt left the furnace area cleaner than it was before.

I want you to know how very pleased I was with the courteous, careful and skillful manner in which James and Matt conducted themselves as they performed a difficult procedure with great efficiency. You should be pleased and proud to have such fine individuals and good workers representing your company.”

— Charles S., Elizabeth, NJ

“The service man was polite, courteous, and knowledgeable.”

— Gary B., NYC

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